PERSONAL CHALLENGE | New morning rituals

Although the Kellogg's challenge has ended, mine continued. Not many updates occur here but if you follow Instagram you may see a slowly but steady change in my eating/ sporting habbits.
Smoothies every once and a while, new products to try out like My Mild and Creamy from Alpro.  It's a endless search to improve eating habbits until a point where you found your perfect products and morning rituals. Alpro asked me to try their new soy based yoghurts, an offer I couldn't refuse. I tried the nature flavored, the lemon- lime flavored and the blueberry flavored yoghurt. Especially the blueberry flavored soy yoghurt, was a true winner. The blueberry taste is strong, so you can mix it with the nature soy yoghurt to reduce the flavor a bit. If you prefer the nature soy yoghurt, there is still an endless possibility of toppings to use. Raisins, chia seeds,  flax seeds, goji berries, blue berries, coco powder, chocolate powder and all kinds of nuts and fresh fruit as well. And some good news if you are allergic to dairy (milk) products: these soy based yoghurts are your new friends now.
My absolute favorite? My mild and creamy blueberry flavored soy yoghurt + fresh banana slices + countrystore cereals mixed with oats + coconut topping + extra nuts. Power breakfast to keep me going!

Also keep your eyes on the blog this week, since I'm trying something totally different next week! (you can be involved as well!) Not sure if it will be my thing because I'm kind of sceptical about it but at least I've tried! Keep you posted. :)
Now excuse me while you get hungry watching these foodpictures.


OUTFIT | The daddy jeans

Forget the boyfriend jeans, here is the daddy jeans. Stole my dad's jeans, fits fine.

Rings: WOLF by Sofie Claes 
Necklace: narrow Tetris by STERNUM
Phonecase: via Fotocover

- Merci Annebeth!


OUTFIT | Marshmallow

Day two in Paris was all about looking and feeling like a huge marshmallow. I found this jumper in Think Twice, once again thriftshop-luck! Probably the warmest jumper I own and perfect to wear when you don't want to carry around that extra layer. Another thing why I don't have to/ can't wear a coat: the arms don't fit in most of my coats, because the sweater is so huge. Michelin alert.

Rings: WOLF by Sofie Claes
Shoes: COS

Merci Charlotte for borrowing me the sunnies and merci Astrid for the photos.