OUTFIT | Marshmallow

Day two in Paris was all about looking and feeling like a huge marshmallow. I found this jumper in Think Twice, once again thriftshop-luck! Probably the warmest jumper I own and perfect to wear when you don't want to carry around that extra layer. Another thing why I don't have to/ can't wear a coat: the arms don't fit in most of my coats, because the sweater is so huge. Michelin alert.

Rings: WOLF by Sofie Claes
Shoes: COS

Merci Charlotte for borrowing me the sunnies and merci Astrid for the photos.


OUTFIT + TRAVEL | Weekend in Paris

Paris, day one, first outfit. A combo of all things long and black.
Meet my very own 'flasher' coat, as my mom and boyfriend are calling it. You better watch out now.
Just like last year we were able to travel to Paris with Thalys. So merci Thalys! And although the crew wasn't the same as last year, we had a two great, cosy and exhausting days. I'm not going to bother you with the 'streetstyle' circus, I'm sure you've seen the greatest looks already on the streetstyle blogs and those of my fellow bloggers. But hey, there are ours!
Merci AstridNoĆ©mieCharlotte & Anouk for the company and pictures!

Dr Martens via Zalando
Marc Cain blazer
Thirfted coat
H&M beanie + scarf
Jean Charles de Castelbajac bag
WOLF by Sofie Claes rings


PERSONAL | Update on my challenge

The running challenge. So how has it been and how is it going?
The original plan was to go run with my sister one time a week and it actually happend for about 4 weeks. After our vacation we had to go back to school and since we only see each other 1 or 2 days a week, it was getting hard to organise our running scheme.

Living in Antwerp means there are loads of possibilities to work out. Either you go to the gym, go for a run in the park or near the Kaaien, take yoga classes or do a weekly workout on Monday or Thursday the university. The reason why I don't go to the gym or yoga, has nothing to do with the gym or yoga itself. Although I would love to go to the yoga, my hours and school work is just way to irregular to actually go to the yoga or gym on a regular day. I used to go to the gym at the university of Antwerp but due to deadlines, a Monday mostly start at 9 o'clock and end at 3 o'clock at night, so I have to skip those work out session. And that's were running is an easy alternative.

And then there is the how-do-I-keep-myself-motivated question. Let me get straight to the point: find yourself a running partner. I helps. Alot. Not only do you promise to work out together, you push your limits when working out together and you are more likely to run those extra 500 meters. I found my partner in crime in 1/3 of the Fashion Fabrice family, Farah.

It al went quite easy, we just picked out 2 days a week on which we go for a run in the Central Park. 9 o'clock sharp. (my oversleeping skills left out of consideration) Wednesday and Friday that is. I also believe sporting in the morning is much more fun, it gives you energy for the day. Expecially during these winterdays when it's getting dark waaay to early.

When it comes to my eating habits, there is some work to do, but I do drink more than I used to.
The running gear I got myself are pretty good, but I did had to bring my running shoes to my Antwerp home because these Vans and regular sneakers weren't so healty for my feet and joints.
When it comes to breakfast, I shoud probably take more time for breakfast.