PERSONAL CHALLENGE| The Gerlinéa healthy week

So let's reflect on our Gerlinéa and Belmodo healthy week! To start off: my Healthy Week wasn't exactly healthy. I've been having coughing fits for the whole week now. Not eating proper breakfast and lunch with loads of vitamins wasn't the best idea. But let's focus on the Gerlinéa products we tried and posted on Instagram!

I've tried the caramel-chocolate bars as a breakfast and although I didn't expect them to keep me filled until lunch, they did. Winning! After eating 2 of these bars almost every morning for breakfast (2 bars should replace 1 breakfast), I had the feeling I overdid a bit in replacing breakfasts. The more I ate them, the more it made me feel like I was eating two snickers for breakfast. The best way to use the caramel bars is to alternate them with normal breakfasts or replace them from time to time, not an entire week like I did! I was thinking rather black and white. But I do think I might get a supply of these caramel bars for busy weeks when I don't have time enough or just not enough food at the apartment.
Next thing I tried: the café and chocolate drinks. 1 tip: drink them cold. The café flavoured one was definitely my favourite when it comes to taste, but they didn't keep me filled long enough so I cheated and ate a caramel bar afterwards. Idem ditto for the chocolate pudding which was absolutely delicious when served cold! Next week, I will try get better and make smoothies again. Being sick during jury weeks is not an option, is it?

What were your Gerlinéa favorites? Don't forget to tag all your instagram photos with #belmodogoeshealthy and #gerlinea to get a chance to win the major Yves Rocher beauty box worth 750,-! (It also includes a beauty treatment, yay!)


PERSONAL CHALLENGE | Let's try something new: The healthy week with Belmodo

Although I try to keep up with good sport and eating habits, dangerous weeks are coming. Think exams but worst of all: jury. The stress, the 20 hours during workdays, the accompanying sleepless nights, the endless repeating play lists, the silly jokes at 3 pm, it's all fun for a week but it's killing my body ev-e-ry semester. After such a jury week I literally can't do a thing.
Besides the lack of sleep there is also the weakening of good feeding habits since every minute you don't spent on you design is a huge waste of time!! Imagine: forgetting about healthy and long breakfasts, eating an entire meal in 5 minutes, forgetting to drink enough water, no time to work out, no time to make smoothies or any healthy meal in particular. I can use this extra time I usually spent on making lunch and dinner. But I honestly will try not to skip my breakfast ritual you've seen in my last post, it's has become sacred me-time. How am I going to save this little time?

Belmodo got me curious when they asked me to join their 'The Healthy Week' in collaboration with Gerlinéa. A healthy box filled with a total of fourteen options to replace your breakfast (nope, probably not skipping this one, only in case of emergencies) and lunch with: chocolate bars with coconut, healthy (milk)shakes and snacks, easy and fast microwave soups and rice meals. Time saverssss. Sounds good right? 
You can try their lunch boxes as well by subscribing at Belmodo.tv to receive your own Gerlinéa healthy box and join the Belmodo goes healthy by Gerlinéa next week! Just be quick, you have until Sunday to subscribe and receive your healthy box. To give a little hint of what can happen next that week: the box will also contain an Yves Rocher moisturizing cream!

And now the very exciting part about this Healthy Week (12th and 18th of May) Everyone who subscribed and joined on Belmodo before this Sunday can share their 'Healthy Week'-experience on Instagram using the hashtags #belmodogoeshealthy and #gerlinea. By foodstagramming your pictures, you have a chance of winning a big ass Yves Rocher beauty + skincare box worth 750 euro! (Say what?) This also includes a relaxing skincare treatment at an Yves Rocher beauty spot of your choice. Perfect to get properly relaxed after these stressy exams and deadlines. Remember: more photos = more chance to win this awesome beauty box. I'm sharing mine on my Instagram, looking forward to see yours!

Pictures by Belmodo
In collab with Belmodo & Gerlinéa


PERSONAL CHALLENGE | New morning rituals

Although the Kellogg's challenge has ended, mine continued. Not many updates occur here but if you follow Instagram you may see a slowly but steady change in my eating/ sporting habbits.
Smoothies every once and a while, new products to try out like My Mild and Creamy from Alpro.  It's a endless search to improve eating habbits until a point where you found your perfect products and morning rituals. Alpro asked me to try their new soy based yoghurts, an offer I couldn't refuse. I tried the nature flavored, the lemon- lime flavored and the blueberry flavored yoghurt. Especially the blueberry flavored soy yoghurt, was a true winner. The blueberry taste is strong, so you can mix it with the nature soy yoghurt to reduce the flavor a bit. If you prefer the nature soy yoghurt, there is still an endless possibility of toppings to use. Raisins, chia seeds,  flax seeds, goji berries, blue berries, coco powder, chocolate powder and all kinds of nuts and fresh fruit as well. And some good news if you are allergic to dairy (milk) products: these soy based yoghurts are your new friends now.
My absolute favorite? My mild and creamy blueberry flavored soy yoghurt + fresh banana slices + countrystore cereals mixed with oats + coconut topping + extra nuts. Power breakfast to keep me going!

Also keep your eyes on the blog this week, since I'm trying something totally different next week! (you can be involved as well!) Not sure if it will be my thing because I'm kind of sceptical about it but at least I've tried! Keep you posted. :)
Now excuse me while you get hungry watching these foodpictures.